Artisan Partners

Our aim is to partner with artisans across developing countries and our journey starts from Nepal. If you have read our story you know that the purpose of Ethnik by Artisans is socio-economic empowerment. We aim to actualize this by partnering with talented artisan partners whose values align with ours.

Our Artisan partners are based in Patan city of Nepal –also known as the city of arts. The city and its alleyways are home to numerous craftsmen who specialize in wood and metal crafts; this is something that they have been doing as a part of their culture/tradition for generations.

It is in this city that we found our Artisan partner Pravin (in picture). Pravin, an artist at heart, has set-up a lovely space in the heart of Patan city, where he houses talented artisans from all across the city. Pravin has been helping the Nepali artisans evolve— through quality, innovation, and design direction.

In picture: Mr. Pravin Chitrakar

In picture: All of our craftsmen based in Nepal

An artist at heart his creative journey empowering Nepali artisans and crafts started over two decades ago. In his studio senior artisans support, monitor and mentor the younger artisans, it is a constant exchange of knowledge and skills to co-create beautiful products.

There is a really interesting story of one of the Artisans – Mahendra.

Mahendra, who was once a security guard, expressed interest in learning the art form and Pravin gave him the platform as he does to local craftsmen. Fast forward a few years and Mahendra has come up to be one of the finest artisans there is in Yala. It is these stories of empowerment that matter to us. We are proud to be working with the finest artisans to create authentic and meaningful products for you.

Talented Women Artisans work to create finest packaging made from(credits: M&S Vmag)

One of the artisans working to create Butterfly collections(credits: M&S Vmag)