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"I believe that data has a radically transformative power"

Data Analyst February 2022 – Present

ShipShape(A joint Project between USAID x Arizona State University) Tempe, Arizona, United States

A joint project between US Agency for International Development and ASU to test if a simple mobile app (ShipShape) which functions as an educational tool would improve supply chain performance in the pharmaceutical sector in developing countries (Ghana). Analysed the historical data collected throughout the four-year durations of this project from the mobile app development team, conducted hypothesis testing to confirm the projects findings. This has resulted in USAID stakeholders deciding to continue this project across different developing countries.

Details here:

How Exactly do I add value here:

  • Clean the Data -- Get it ready for Analysis

  • View the Data Statistically

  • Create a Inventory Model to test inventory in hand improvement before and after the project was launched

  • Statistical testing for Publication(difference on differences test, trend analysis)

Business Intelligence Analyst January 2022 – Present

APL Logistics Tempe, Arizona, United States

Capstone Project

Analysed large volumes of shipment data to build a Machine Learning model to improve predictive accuracy of shipments moving from origin port to destination port; this would largely improve supply chain visibility for APL Logistics’ clients at each node of the shipment journey. Used AWS cloud server for Database with MySQL, used python for Data Cleaning, EDA and ML Modelling, and PowerBI + Tableau for visualization + Google Data Studio.

How Exactly do I add value here:

It is a project where I led a team of 5 graduate analysts, some of my strengths in this project are taking initiatives, leadership, as well as bringing new insights and tech stack to the team when the project suffers from a road block.

Roadblock Example:

Early on in this project one of the major roadblock we had was the lack of SQL server access from client as well as the University side. Because of the large size of the CSV files MS Sql Server Management studio (Free Version) was not able to handle the files and repeatedly suffered Out of Memory Exception error.

How did I resolve this issue:

  • Migrated the large CSV files (over 15gb) into Google Cloud Storage created a Bucket on Google Cloud Storage.

  • Used Google Big Query to convert the Stored CSV files into Tables

  • SQL to query required data

Research Data Scientist September 2021 – Present

Actionable Analytics Lab Tempe, Arizona, United States

Analyzed cryptocurrency adoption trends across US counties from year 2013 – 2021 at Actionable Analytics Lab - WP Carey Research(

To support the research, I gathered data to support this research by using web scraping tools in Python (BeautifulSoup/Selenium), followed by extensive Data Cleaning in Alteryx with Python Scripts.

Performed EDA to identify patterns in the crypto currency adoption to the US County health measures. On running regression on the final dataset, we identified coefficients which affects each US counties adoption rate(Lasso Regression).

This finding has helped open further channels in the cryptocurrency research at the Actionable Analytics Lab. The current role I'm working on is to compare historical prediction accuracy of cryptocurrency by humans vs by Machines using simple Machine Learning algorithms.

I have included the details of this project in the Project section, do check it out.

How Exactly do I add value here:

  • Webscraping for Data Gathering

  • Clean the Data -- Get it ready for Analysis

  • Statistical inferences from the gathered/Cleaned dataset

ECommerce Product Manager(Founder) November 2017July 2021

Laucean Limited Nottingham, United Kingdom

Co-founded the start-up “Ethnik by Artisans”, an eCommerce platform connecting artisans in developing countries to the world based at the University of Nottingham’s Incubation center. Responsible for all processes within the start-up from managing the website on Shopify’s eCommerce platform, inventory management, supervising analytics campaigns on google and Facebook platforms, presenting to investors for Round 1 investments. As a part of this also worked with a team of market analysts to grow the company with Digital Marketing. Managed to exponentially grow the company’s revenue with a “customer first” approach.

Responsible for:

  • Creating, launching and maintaining the website using Shopify's e-commerce platform.

  • Presented business case and investment opportunities to investors, and in business plan competitions across the UK.

  • Led a team of market research analysts to develop the company’s core business strategy using market research and analysis.

  • Integrated analytics function on the website, and ran paid online campaigns on Google, Facebook &

  • Instagram to improve website traffic.

  • Managing Finance and Accounts

  • Regular monitoring and refining the business KPI's

  • Digital Marketing:

  • Running paid online ads across Google, Facebook & Instagram

  • Optimizing the website for better rankings in the search engine (SEO)

  • Constantly monitoring website analytics to inform the promotional campaign decisions.

The Company was in operation from 2017 - 2021. Since July of 2021, unfortunately, the company has ceased operations due to the global crisis caused by Covid-19 and the volatility in the demand.

Find more details on this project here: Ethnik By Artisans

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