What is Ethnik by Artisans?

As a founder of Ethnik-By-Artisans, I worked with a diverse team of Marketing Analysts, web developers as well as talented creative artists from around the world. In a way I was managing a product; a complete user facing website for an online retail platform selling products globally.

Ethnik By Artisans is a fusion of Business, heritage craftsmanship and Philanthropy.

Ethnik by Artisans is a mindful business model with the purpose of socio-economic empowerment in developing countries where we work alongside talented artisan partners to create an authentic experience for you as a customer; an experience that is more honest, transparent and more authentic.

Ethnik by artisans is about delivering meaningful products; products that are aesthetically beautiful but at the same time contribute back to the community where it’s sourced from. Ethnik by Artisans is about creating an experience that will evoke an emotional response in the wearer, that is why I like to call each products in ethnik by artisans as a work of art.

Our Artisan partners are based in Patan city of Nepal –also known as the city of arts. The city and its alleyways are home to numerous craftsmen who specialize in wood and metal crafts.


Our Products have a meaningful story, traceability and impact is important

One of our most popular product is the Lokta Paper -- which is a natural paper made from traditional methods in the high hills of the Himalayas. Read more about this on our Blog post: The story of Lokta Paper

The core purpose of ethnik by artisans is empowering artisans and the communities where we source our products from. It is about social transformation through a mindful business model. We work with our Social Impact partner UCEP (Underprivileged Childrens Educational Program) in Nepal. 10% of all our profits go directly to UCEP.

UCEP is working on a range of social programs dedicated to the welfare of children in Nepal. They have one particular program which is the welfare of street children in Kathmandu –and this is an area that we at Ethnik want to contribute to.

It is estimated that one child requires about $40 per month for the basic well being(food & water)

Why we chose this cause through UCEP is because we want to be able to continuously monitor and assess the positive changes that are made possible by Ethnik – by you! We don’t just want this to be a one-time donation or a one-time gift contribution; we aim is to be able to support the growth and development of these children at UCEP on a regular basis so that it’s possible to monitor areas of growth and areas where further support could be required. We will be sharing more of this through our impact report over time.

Our premium collection is made of 22kt double plated jewelleries on Brass, with semi precious gemstones. We have both Male/Female segments.

Where are we located ?

Ethnik By Artisans started at the University of Nottingham's incubation center for high potential start-ups called -- Ingenuity Lab. Find out more in the link about Ingenuity Lab here: The Ingenuity Lab