Hi! I'm Sud - A statistical storyteller based in Arizona.

I generate meaningful insights from Data, and can leverage Machine Learning tools and Techniques to derive statistically significant results.

Some tools and platforms that I have experience working on

My curiosity in data helps me see patterns and anomalies. I understand the limitless possibilities when humans collaborate with machines to unlock insights and navigate through the uncertainties and challenges.

I love using all of the tools you see on the right, to find patterns and understand data statistically. I'm currently a Masters Student at Arizona State University in Business Analytics and will graduate in May 2022. Therefore, I'm actively looking for Data Science, Analytics, Business Intelligence or Machine Learning based roles.

I'm interested in helping individuals, teams and organisations grow leveraging the power of Data Science and Analytics.

"I love exploring new tools and technologies, and my current research has been on the ever expanding cryptocurrency and NFT landscape."

Recent Interactive Tableau Visualization: Past Conflicts in Ukraine ( 2014 - 2018)

Data Science Certifications

email: smishr80@asu.edu

I'm best reached out via email, alternatively you can leave your message on this contact page: Contact Page

Educational Journey